It's been awhile.  I really haven't had time nor energy to concentrate on Art.  But that will be changing come June, I hope.  I really am itching to get back to the studio (after a major clean-up and reorganization).  This site and blog will continue to show art and artists I have found and want to share.  It's all about having time and space to accomplish the task as well as funds.  But as far as funds are concerned, I believe that if you have a surface and something to mark it, you can create something.  If I can't afford paint, there is pen and ink and marker.  Paper is where you find it.  The important thing is to create.  I have recently discovered a site called  They have a little widget there that allows an artist to paint with's digital and a blast.  So, no paint, no paper?...use light.  I hope to share a few of my lastest digi creation in a few weeks.